Sunday, December 11, 2011

My God is a God of miracles. I'm grateful for that. November 24th, 2011

Dear good people of the United States,

What a great day it is! We have so much to be grateful for! Some days I feel as though I have more to be grateful for than anyone else because I am obviously God's favorite daughter.

Joke not blasphemy.

I want to tell you a story about a girl. A wonderful, wonderful Czech girl with orange hair and colorful clothes. We'll call her K. (ma, your note definitely reminded me of this--I'm SO SO happy for them!!)

When K was a young teenager and recovering from anorexia, she first met the sister missionaries. She loved the light they brought into her life and felt a big change in herself and was, after a few month baptized.

When I first arrived in Prague, at least 5 years later, all I heard of her was that she was considering leaving the Church and wasn't feeling comfortable there. We were able to meet with her once, when she said she'd let my companion teach her to help with her Czech. We met with her more often the next transfer and it seemed to be a little bit of a roller coaster--for a while I was afraid our meetings made things worse. And then last transfer, all on her own, she just started coming to church on Sundays. At first she came with some friends in the branch. Then she came even when none of her friends were there. Then she began staying for all three hours. Last night, another girl in the branch, her best friend, received a mission call to the London South mission (she'll be in the Provo MTC Feb 4th!). I walked in on her family and K, and K's longtime boyfriend and some other friends, all talking about it while she was talking to President Irwin and K looked like she'd been pretty emotional, but happy. Last night K sent us a text asking us to teach her boyfriend about the gospel next week. She wrote that she knew she needed to change something in their relationship but she didn't know how.

How's that for a miracle??

I really love that girl. I love how life seems to be a progression of tiny miracles that we hardly even notice. I'm sure one day we'll look back on our lives and the people we've become and say, Man, I'm some kind of miracle!

Another miracle: met a man from New York. I really have forgotten what American people are like. Teaching him was unlike any other lesson I've taught on my mission. He was so open, said he really respected the life styles we lead and felt as though he was in the presence of three angels, we were that wholesome (we invited another American member to join us). He prayed at the end of the lesson (in the upper level of KFC) and we all felt so good after the meeting that he was disappointed when we told him we had to go and wanted to meet with us again the very next day.

Furthermore: we held a FHE for single adults last night. Yesterday morning I sent out a mass text about it to all the people in our branch that might be interested. One member had 2 different numbers in the phone, so I just sent it to both. Maybe 30minutes later one of his numbers called me back, except it was a woman. A woman who didn't know anything about the Church. But she asked me more about the activity and told me she couldn't come that night, but would like to come another time--she said she was looking for a place to go to church (and when she said 'go to church' she used the verb for go that means 'to go often and or regularly') and asked if we sing.

I know, right?

This was all yesterday. It's so incredible: after nearly 3 weeks of very little to show for our work, amongst other difficulties, I found myself on Tuesday night crying a little as I fell asleep and asking Heavenly Father what more I needed to do. I hardly slept. And yesterday I fell asleep crying out of sheer gratitude and amazement--I hardly slept because I was so overjoyed.

The car sounds great. Thank you SO MUCH for doing that.
And I'm SO SO glad that Chris and Corey will be in Boise.

Life is pretty neat, isn't it?

S laskou,
Sestra Dean

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